With many constantly complaining about taxes being way too high, Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy is proposing a tax cut for the cities residents. Here is where you'll save.

Now it may not be an insanely huge tax drop, and many I am sure will give the sarcastic answer of ohh wow, thanks. Still either way this is a good sign and according to the mayor because of the Rivers Casino. The tax cut will be in the form of property taxes. The state is riddle with horrible property tax. Schenectady especially with the highest in the Capital Region according to WNYT. There will be a 1% cut in them.

This will be the third straight year that taxes will be down in the Electric City. Mayor McCarthy did claim he would like to do more, that is a good sign.

“Of course we'd like to do more. But I believe it's a prudent fiscal plan that's building on our success in the past,” WNYT.COM

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