Don't know if you saw him, but Fraiser Crane was in the Electric City yesterday.

Yeah, Kelsey Grammer was in Schenectady yesterday. But you may be a little baffled by why. Or you wouldn't be. In all fairness, his reasoning makes complete sense. I actually think it will work in the favor of why he was here. For his beer that is.

What do I mean? Well, Grammer owns a Catskill brewery if you were unaware. This brewery is on tap at Jay Street Pub in Schenectady and Grammar just had to have a pint of his own brew.

I will be willing to bet a lot of people will flock to Jay Street Pub just to try Kelsey Grammer's beer.

Faith American Brewing Co. is the brewery name if you are interested.

Times Union has a list of places besides Jay Street Pub to get the brew. You can read more from them here.

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