There were rumblings a few months ago about the possibility of NYRA starting their racing season early this year. That can now be confirmed.

Yesterday was the day this became a reality for 2019. The Saratoga Racing season will begin on July 11th according to News Channel 13. The actual number of dates will in fact though remain the same. This year will feature the typical 40 meet season but instead of a shorter window, it will just happen in a longer length of time.

It is being reported that instead of one off day per week, there will now be two. Monday and Tuesday will be the off days.

A NYRA spokesperson had this to say,

 “We understand the urgency in announcing the dates for the 2019 Saratoga racing calendar. This matter is a complex issue that transcends NYRA and involves multiple partners. We anticipate that we will be in a position to announce the 2019 Saratoga dates within the near future. We appreciate the patience of our horsemen, fans and the community.” - News Channel 13.

Said spokesperson also went onto say this is a huge win for Saratoga. Read more from News Channel 13 here.