With vinyl sales skyrocketing and many other things of yesteryear coming back to popularity, its seems obvious to me that this will be all the rage very soon.

I myself have thought about getting a record player and buying some old vinyls but could never justify it. Maybe I'm not hip enough. I'm gonna go with the reason for not buying one due to price. Think about this, if you bought a record player and vinyls some 10 years ago they would have been fairly cheap. Plus any top notch album will be priced out of this world now a days. So what should you invest in before the price jolts up?

Cassette tapes.. Hit up the garage and yard sales and buy em for pennies on the dollar. It only makes sense being to me that these will be the next fad. The only flaw I could see when it comes to cassettes is the fact that magnetic tape degrades after every use with no easy way of restoring it. I still think if the clicks and pops of vinyls are perfectly acceptable that the degradation of a cassette will be to.

Do you think these will be the next big fad after vinyl? If not what will be?