Wait...people still eat these? When is the last time you ate a package of Raisinets? I thought these candies were for the elderly. 
A woman in southern California is suing Nestle for supposedly "underfilling" boxes of Raisinets. If only we could sue every food company ever for selling us packages that are 40% air! However they, like Nestle in this situation, claim excess space complies with FDA regulations in order to leave room so the pieces don't break or spill. Of course, reading the weight that is printed on the package of how much should be in there is too much of a hassle, so just jump straight to a lawsuit!  It's 2017.  We don't need to actually think!

We honestly kind of wish we had this woman's life if the biggest obstacle she faces in life is an "underfilled" box of chocolate raisins!

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