There are abandoned places all around New York State. Many homes left behind. A few amusement parks closed, never to reopen but how many train stations have been abandoned? I know of one and it's referred to the "Ghost Station" of lower Manhattan.

Like most abandoned places, this stop is intended to be off limits to the public. However, if you ride the 6 Train toward City Hall but don't get off at the last stop, as the train lurches forward you will find yourself traveling through the now empty rail station.

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Time has placed a coat of decay on this once upon a time showpiece but eerily the final destination remains mostly untouched since it's final passenger departed the station in 1945. Let's jump on-board the 6 Train and explore New York's "Ghost Station".

Ghost Station of Manhattan

Take the 6 Train back in time and grab a glimpse of the "Ghost Station" of lower Manhattan

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