From a ‘Clerks’ mini-cast reunion to members of the Addams Family cast, the Empire State Comic Con has a ton of fun stuff in store.

For all the cosplay lovers, cartoon fans, and just straight up awesome nerds (like me), Comic Con is always beyond a fun event.  From meeting Bob Camp [Ren and Stimpy] to crashing a costume contest, I’ve always had great experiences at Comic Cons.  Pretty soon, they’ll be some more in the books.

Empire State Comic Con is coming up April 12-14th at the Albany Capital Center.  Recently announced, Brian O’Halloran of Clerks among other members of the cast will be there.  Also, Booker T, David Mazouz [Gotham], Jimmy Workman [the Addams Family], and a slew of other celebrities and guests will be on-site.  The biggest question- what costume are you going to wear!  You can get more info on Empire State Comic Con here.