I'm not sure the Capital Region would be on my list of winter destinations if I was a super rich rockstar but who am I to judge?

Steven Tyler Performs On NBC's "Today"
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Star sightings in and around Saratoga in the summer months are are not all that uncommon. I mean the city is beautiful, there are plenty of stores and shops to visit while strolling through town, and then of course there is race season. But there is not a whole lot going on in the winter besides cold and snow. Maybe that's the appeal of Saratoga in the off season? Maybe it's a place where stars can go and kind of be normal for a change.

That is until your spotted trying to catch a flick at the Bow Tie Cinemas and someone asks for a selfie. Which according to WNYT is exactly what happened to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler earlier this week in Sartoga Springs.

Were not exactly sure what Steven is doing in town but if you're free Steve I'd love to have you stop by the Q studios for a chat!?!?!