Traveling somewhere for vacation is exciting.  BUT- the actual ‘travel’ part?  Not always.

Having one or two layovers after flying out of a smaller airport like Albany?  That’s something that won’t always make the top of the vacation memory list.  Especially if your connecting flight leaves in forty minutes, you’re trying to still get off of your first plane, and the minutes are ticking away as you pre-plan the sprint from one airport terminal to the next with your carry-on luggage to try and not miss your flight.  However, Albany is hoping to make travel easier and easier by adding some more direct flights to destinations.

According to the Times Union, Albany Airport is working with a consultant and hoping to add more non-stop flights.  I’m all for this, as I enjoy being able to fly out of a local airport like Albany instead of a larger one.  I honestly hate connecting flights so much that I’ll drive hours to another airport just to get a direct flight.  Right now, there are already some direct flights offered out of Albany, and you can check out a nice list and more info on the possible new flights here.

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