I know we all get annoyed at the cable company sometimes, but let's stop short of grand larceny, shall we?

The Times Union is reporting that an Albany man is accused of stealing a cable van early Christmas morning and leading police on a chase before being apprehended and charged with grand larceny. After the vehicle was reported stolen, police tried to pull the van over before being led to a chase that ultimately ended on foot.

OK, I get annoyed with the cable company as much as anybody, but stealing their vans just is not the answer. I mean, how is that going to get me off hold any more quickly when they get my bill wrong or when my internet service isn't working? Maybe just knock on the van door politely and ask the driver to tell management to get their act together when he gets back to the office.

Joking aside, the important thing is no one got hurt and police were able to end this quickly and without too much trouble. I hope whatever motivated him to steal a van on Christmas morning is going to be addressed too. It should be more of a bathrobe and coffee kind of morning than a grand larceny kind of morning and part of me feels bad for the guy that this was a decision that somehow made sense in his life.

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