Maybe this should just be the system for paying tickets.

If you have overdue parking tickets you've been avoiding, now may be the right time to take care of them. Albany is offering an amnesty program where parking ticket late fees will be forgiven in exchange for a donation to regional food pantries, reported News10.

I honestly don't know where the money for parking tickets ends up going, but could a better system be one where instead of paying a hefty fine, you feed a struggling family? Why isn't the revenue from tickets going to help people? Even the lotto claims to be for education. Again, I have no idea how that works, because I know both a lot of people who play lotto, and a lot of schools still in dire need of funding.

It seems like you have two months to make this happen. No I don't know when it started or when it ends. If I watched the video on News10's site correctly, it seems like you should bring the canned goods down to where you pay the ticket. After the program is over, all tickets will be going to collections which, if movies have taught me anything, will accept broken limbs in lieu of payment.