First thought is. Umm, duh.. Its Albany. If that alone isn't reason enough to keep your cars doors locked then here is another reason why you should.

I am a person, I always lock my car doors. It is as easy as pressing a button. That alone doesn't stopped the most hardened of criminals but its at least enough peace of mind for me. I also don't live in downtown Albany and know that if I for some reason forgot to lock up the ride at night that I would be fine and nobody would touch a thing. Thank you quiet neighborhood!!

A man was caught around the area of Morris Street in Albany checking car doors and peering in them with a flashlight and police were lucky enough to witness him getting into a car that wasn't locked. They arrested the man thankfully but they also are saying auto related burglaries are on the rise and all residents should be aware and make sure they indeed do lock there cars.

If you don't just press the button on the fob, it may save you some sort of a hassle down the line.