The Albany Pine Bush is well over 3,000 acres of pine barrens featuring a variety of rare plants and animals. This preserve will surprise you with it's sand dunes and unique looking landscape. What was most surprising this week was seeing a car parked in the middle of the woods!

How did a red and white sports car end up inside the Albany Pine Bush? I'm not talking about seeing this car parked along Kings Road, I mean literally in the preserve, on a hiking trail.

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On Tuesday February 21st, according to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), a call came in to the Ray Brook dispatch with a report of a vehicle in the woods. With all the twists and turns on the roads through the Pine Bush your first thought might be, driving too fast and didn't make a curve? Nope.

This vehicle was was resting one-half mile from the Madison Avenue Pinelands trailhead. How did it get there? This Mini Cooper was allegedly driven there by a 42-year-old from Troy.

New York State Forest Ranger Mitchell and the Albany Police Department responded to the call. Following an investigation it was determined that the vehicle was driven through the fence at the trailhead, down the hiking trail, and one-half mile later became stuck.

The individual suspected of driving this vehicle into the woods was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle on Albany Pine Bush Preserve lands and several other tickets from Albany Police Department. The vehicle was not operational and towed out of the woods at the owner's expense.

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