Another Albany establishment calls it quits.

This weekend the St. Patrick's Day festivities marked the end of an era for the Albany Rail Yard at 1118 Central Ave. Okay, maybe an era is reaching just a bit since the Albany Rail Yard has only been open since 2013. Now days though it seems like an establishment lasting 5 years is a big accomplishment with the way everything is constantly changing hands and re-branding.

Speaking of which this closing doesn't necessarily mean that the location won't still be there to provide you with bar food, adult beverages, and live music. According to a Facebook post by the promoter of the bars Latin Night it appears that "They have been sold" so it is a possibility something new and fun may take over soon. However, it looks like we are going to have to wait patiently to find out what the new owners have in mind.

Are you sad to see the Albany Rail Yard close up shop or are you more excited to find out what is going to take it's place?