I almost had a mini-freakout moment when I say this posting elsewhere. I freaked because I soooo wanted to go there.

At the beginning of this summer, I wanted to go to Pho Yum. I have never been, it was hot out though. The one thing that will just make you hotter on a 90 plus degree day is a bowl of pho. Pronounced Fa. Its such a delicious sounding Vietnamese soup though. I was a bit upset when I saw Times Union posted they were closing.

Well, one thing I didn't know is that there were multiple locations. 3 actually. I only knew of the one closest to where our radio station is located. This would be the one on Central just west of the Northway.

However, this location isn't going anywhere. The one that is, is the one on Delaware in Albany. The Colonie one as listed above and the Empire State Plaza locations will remain open.

More from the Times Union, here.