I know! It's going to snow! We all know it's going to snow! You can't escape the news of the Capital Regions first major snow storm of this season. The totals vary depending on who you hear it from. Will this be the biggest storm ever in Albany? Will this be a swing and miss? Much like the storms of the past, time will tell. With all of this snow talk I decided to shovel through some information and pile up where we stand as the season is just beginning.

Personally I enjoy the first snowfall of the season and I would prefer snow on the ground for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It's just how it is supposed to be in the movie I have playing in my mind.  I am also happy for those that rely on snow to make a living. From the mountain resorts, ski lifts, plow drivers and the snow removal crews. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Once we get beyond the holiday season I am one that can't wait for the Spring thaw, Summer, the lake, etc. So I am curious how this storm sets us up for the rest of Winter. Here is some of what I have found.

According to Current Results Rochester is the snowiest town in New York with an average of 99.5 inches of snow each season. Buffalo is a close second accumulating nearly 8 feet of snow each Winter!

I like Rochester and I love the Bills but I am happy to live in Niskayuna where our totals are a bit less. The Capital Region has had it's share of snow over the years.  Weather.gov shows record snowfall in Albany in 1970-1971 of 112.5 inches and in 2002-2003 105.4 inches.

The "normal" snowfall for the Albany area is 60 inches each Winter. If my math is correct, assuming we get a foot with this storm, we only have 4 feet of snow left to go! Let's throw in the 1.2 inches we got in October and I can see the ice melting already!



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