Only in Florida.

I'm convinced Florida is full of the crazies. A dude in Florida is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon after ordering a soda in the drive thru at Wendy's and then proceeding to hurl a live alligator thru the drive thru window.

Initially I assumed the dude was on drugs or mentally unstable but according to the dude himself and his parents it was all just a prank. I guess he knew someone that worked in the Wendy's and happened to see the alligator on the side of the road so he decided to pick it up and "prank" his fiend.

Needless to say Wendy's and the local authorities did not find this prank humorous and the guy was arrested and now faces some serious charges. He is also not allowed to have contact with any animals besides his mothers dog and is required to stay away from all Wendy's.

Moral of the story, do not throw alligators in the drive thru window.

You can lean more about this upstanding young man and hear what his parents have to say if you'd like ... here's the full report from WPTV

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