According to, vandals have damaged the Altamont Fairgrounds in Altamont, NY.

As staff members were opening the buildings and preparing for the fair next week, they discovered thousands of dollars in damage. Fair Manager Amy Anderson said that break-ins occur during the off-season. "It's all this last minute expense of money that we really don't have to try to fix things that we shouldn't need to fix that's heartbreaking" she said. Copper pipes were among the things stolen  from multiple buildings. The vandals also slashed the tires of equipment vehicles. Anderson says the goal now is to install a security system. The gates to the fairgrounds are usually left open during the off-season so members of the community can walk their dogs or ride their bikes. Locals will be disappointed if the fairgrounds now have to be locked up.

Despite the vandalism, the fair is still scheduled to open on Tuesday. Click here for more on this story.

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