You read the title right, and in CAPS no less. Amazon has tweaked their wish list for their website to now work for ANY shopping website you visit. So if I got to for some retro computing shopping, I can save an item to a wish list through Amazon and retrieve it later.

The Amazon Wishlist Button

To add it, just go to Amazon's website, then to the wish list button for your account. Install the plugin and you're good to go. If you don't have an account, I suggest creating one. From there, just surf and shop. Find something you like and want to add it to your wish list? Just click the little "A" in your browser, and it's added. Then friends and family can go and see your wishlist and find exactly what you want, even if it's not on Amazon.

The main reason I like this, is because it's like Miracle on 34th Street. Macy's didn't have what the kid wanted, so Santa sent the Mom to another store where she could get the present the kid wanted. Amazon has got the same thing going on. They not only get the respect of the customer, but also, see what people are buying elsewhere to get more consumer info. Bravo Amazon, you are no being TOO evil. But I still like you.

Needless to say, this really is a good idea and Amazon seems to once again push the envelope of e-commerce and give people something really cool they can use without spending a dime on it. I will be using this to death this weekend as I prepare for Cyber Monday. My only wish is, don't patent this and become a patent troll like so many dot coms are doing right now. It's useless and clogs the courts with useless litigation. Take pride in knowing you did it first and it works great. No one will ever take that away.

Editorial Note: Starting with my Thanksgiving Tech Thursday, I will be sharing some great tech gift ideas for the holidays.