Attention Amy Schumer fans!

I've heard mixed things about Amy Schumer over the past year in the media, however, anyone who stars in a movie named "Trainwreck" is seriously a girl after my own heart.  I mean, haven't we all been a train-wreck at one point or another? So I'm kicking myself for the fact that the comedian was spotted today not far from the Capital Region, skiing at Windham Mountain.  The reason I'm kicking myself: Windham is one of my two home ski mountains, so of course this Rock Girl DIDN'T hit the slopes today and missed out on a chance for an awesome celebrity spotting.  Amy posted some photos and videos from her adventures on the hill at Windham at her official instagram handle, @amyschumer .

I'm a sucker for a celebrity spotting, and back in my days living by NYC, I used to live for the moments when I'd see a big name rushing through Penn Station, outside a Broadway theater, or on a subway.  When I lived in Utah, I'd keep an eye out on the Park City streets during the Sundance Film Festival, trying to see who I could catch a glimpse of.  Yes, this Rock Girl is the type of girl who used to practice her Oscars acceptance speech in the mirror as a 7 year old, so I thoroughly enjoy those six-degrees-of-separation moments from a star.

What's your favorite celebrity spotting? Do you have any fun stories? Comment and let us know!

"Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala - Outside Arrivals
Credit: Mark Sagliocco/Stringer, Getty Images