Unfortunately, Crossgates has made the news again recently for another altercation within the malls walls.

I'm going to start by saying that I am not knocking Crossgates.  I enjoy the mall, the movies, the stores, and the entertainment within the establishment.  Yet, it does seem like there has been more and more fighting going on recently.  At least, more has been making the news.  Which is a problem with people, not Crossgates.

The most recent fight that I read about even resulted in a stabbing.  In recent months, even since the holidays, I've seen fights at Crossgates pop up in the news or videos go viral online.  Just a few days ago, on Valentine's Day, WNYT reported about a stabbing that occurred at Crossgates.  There was an altercation near Littman Jewelers between two women.  They also reported that the perpetrator was caught and arrested.

It's a little bit ridiculous when even the mall, where you go to enjoy movies, music, shopping, and entertainment is frequenting the news for this kind of stuff.  What do you think needs to change?

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