Good News: Good News Bad News is back!

Bad News: There was a 4th of July episode but we put it in a picnic basket and someone stole it.

Good News: I had a great 4th of July! Just look at this meat! I know it says that it's "Dan's meat" but it is actually my friends meat and it is delicious.

Dan's meat.
Dan's meat.

Bad News: No one asked me how my 4th of July was.

Good News: I am not going to name names but the guilty know who they are and I am sure that they're losing sleep because a bed of guilt is not a comfortable place to rest your head... if you have a soul.

Bad News: You know.. sometimes I don't even know what I am talking about but I just keep going.

Good News: I have not snorted any cocoa powder.

Bad News: Other people have.

Good News: I don't snort any type of powder.

Bad News: Other people do.


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