It's officially 2019.  For some, that means time for resolutions.

According to a survey of 2,000 people I read at, it looks like the Top 10 resolutions for 2019 were more of the same....

You know- Diet, be healthier, drink less, quit smoking, lose weight.

There were a few on the list though that actually made me go 'hey, that's not bad'.  They including spending more time with friends and family, learning a new skill or hobby, and reading more.  Why did I like these?  They involved doing things! Things that will maybe help you actually enjoy the year!

Year after year, I hear people talk about the same old resolutions, and they never seem to get and follow-through.  So why not focus on making yourself a little happier- then maybe the health and fitness stuff will come.  To me, resolutions should like a little bit more like: "make time for a rock concert", "take a vacation", "make time for my friends", "have a weekly campfire".  It's 2019! Get out and enjoy!

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