Last week the area saw former Yankee skipper Joe Girardi visit the area addressing sports gambling. Another Joe visited today.

Man, how can anyone be a Yankee fan and not like Joe Torre? Now a higher up within Major League Baseball, we can all remember fondly the years between 1996 and 2007 where Joe Torre was at the helm of the dynasty in the Bronx. In those12 seasons Torre became one of the most popular and best managers to ever grace the dugout in that role for the Yankees, short of maybe Casey Stengal.

Now Torre came to the area for the same exact reason Girardi did. To speak on sports gambling in New York State. He had a few choice words to say while representing MLB,

“I’m not trying to lobby one side or another,” said Torre, “I just want you to take care of our game.” - Yahoo Sports

By taking care of our game, he meant that the majors receive a cut of the money wagered.

Where do you stand on the legalization of sports gambling?