We have plenty of well-renowned schools here in New York's Capital Region. But are any of them so well-renowned that they are incredibly difficult to get into?

I myself went to a trade school post high school, so I certainly cannot contest to the difficulty. That may have been obvious by my grammar, the trade school was not for writing. But, if you have tried getting into any of the schools listed below, you probably would be able to say they can be difficult to get into. Here are the schools that are among the top 100.

  • Siena (73)
  • Sage Colleges (70)
  • Albany College of Pharmacy (61)
  • SUNY Poly (59)
  • UAlbany (48)
  • Union (17)
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (15)
  • Skidmore (11)

So Skidmore college it is. That is the hardest Capital Region school to make it into.

Total sidebar, there is a employee here at the radio station that went to the 37th hardest school to get into Hobart. Yet he has a fanny pack obsession, so this list may not be accurate.

More on the list from Times Union, here.

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