He's making a list, she's making a list, you're making a list, they're making a list, I'm making a list, we're making a list because in America we judge people but can you honestly judge yourself?

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I was naughty this year, I am on the naughty list because I made fun of a lot of people and I probably hurt their feelings, however I did not do anything that would effect someone's life but my own and for that I have been naughty. I know I deserve to be on the naughty list, I have been on the naughty list for the past eleven years but this year I was smart and bought NHL 17 the day after black Friday while it was still on sale, I saved twenty bucks.

I should not be proud of how I spoiled my naughty self but I am because it took me eleven years to do it.

Now I would like to be naughty again and see if I can make people vomit with a picture of the grossest thing I have ever seen.