On this episode of The Generation X Files: Tatiana and I sit down with man behind our custom music Chris Laplante and local film maker Kyle Kleege, to rant, rave and vent about our frustrations in regards to life, the world and other things.

The Hate List was established in 1997. it is just a list and it goes no further then being a list and is strictly based on the humorous opinions of it’s authors. We could of called it the ‘dislike list’ but that combination of words does not have the same impact, if you heard someone say “I dislike it when I cut the corner of my mouth on a slice of pizza?”

You don’t really.

The word ‘hate’ does not always have to be associated with bad people, things or actions. Sometimes ‘hate’ can be fun and silly, like animated ducks.

Seriously ever notice that Daffy and Donald are the most hateful characters in their respected animated universes?

Why is that?

Are ducks really that hateful?

Anyway, in this episode we take ‘Hate’ back in the name of comedy, podcasting and The Generation X Files available on:

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We the People: Rapper Endia Burch.