It has been suggested that I am a bit odd. I dispute this claim, but I am most certainly a Capital Region native. I am not an expert on the Capital Region, but I have been here for some time and I think that I know: The 10 things every Capital Region Native knows.

I do declare that I am not an expert and that I am merely a native, so if you disagree with any of these 10 things that every Capital Region Native knows, then make your own list in the comments.

The 10 Things every Capital Region Native Knows:

  1. People who are not from here can not pronounce Schenectady.
  2. Schenectady was scary until they opened a casino there.
  3. We are always proud to say that Uncle Sam is from Troy and yet we call people from Troy: Troylets.
  4. The Clifton Park Walmart does not have baskets.
  5. No one cares if you smoke weed on the lawn at Saratoga Performing Art Center.
  6. Greasy Gus.
  7. Jimmy the Monkey.
  8. High-School Parties at ‘The Pits’ but which ‘Pits?’ 
  9. Saratoga Winners.
  10. We still call it the Knick.

That is my list, what is yours?

And remember if you’re not a real Capital Region Native we will be able to tell, just like we did with those terrible McDonald’s commercials.

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