Nothing would stop the Lake George Polar Plunge 2020!

We have all heard of the Polar Plunge. Most years I see the festivities recapped on the local news from the comfort of my couch and dry clothes. Often I have thought, "I would do that. I should come up with a fun costume. Maybe a Super Hero with a cape?" and I probably would take the Polar Plunge into the cold waters to benefit Special Olympics but the truth is that I haven't done it. The actual Super Heroes are those that do enter the water, costume or not.

On Saturday the 14th a, smaller than usual, group gathered at Shepard Park Beach to do just that, race into the 40 something degree waters of Lake George for a great cause. There may have been fewer entrants than usual due to COVID-19 but they were still able to raise nearly $50,000!

How were they able to raise that much? This years plunge offered a virtual option where entrants could take a cold shower, dump an ice bucket over their heads or garden hose shower.

It seems that everyone I know has spent time in Lake George at one time or another. I took the 45 mile ride from my home in Niskayuna on Saturday to see the town I remember from childhood vacations. Keep in mind I just moved to New York three weeks ago. The village looked very much as I remembered it. The Minne-Ha-Ha docked along side Beach Road, the Frankenstein Wax Museum and Fort William Henry Museum and I do think of swimming in Lake George but not on November 14th!

I celebrate those that took part and raised so much money! It's never too late to get involved. Head to to see how you can take the plunge and help out.


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