Sometimes, you are just scrolling through Facebook and see nothing but hate. Not Friday, a local photographer took some amazing pictures of the fog seen throughout the area.

Driving home just a few days ago seemed very normal up until I went down River Road in Troy, or Second Ave, I'm not sure where the name changes.. Either way, the fog over the Hudson looking over towards Cohoes was just flat out breathtaking. A little further south, local teacher, coach and photographer Sean Organ took these incredible photos.

I had questioned Organ about his photography, because up until just a few years ago. I only ever knew him as Mr. Organ, my 11th grade US History teacher.

Truth be told...getting out for an hour here or there is great for the soul. I can hear myself think...
I was drawn to photography through my fascination of severe weather. There’s only a handful of days in our region when the weather is I try to learn and grow during other events, like today for example. Some people enjoy fantasy sports, others gamble, a few play an instrument, etc. I’m trying to learn how to be a decent photographer. I need something to fall back on when my teaching days come to an end.. Sean Organ..

Very, very inspirational words. Also very, very beautiful photos.

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