But why would grown adults even want to do this?!

According to News 10 abc, four people were arrested for climbing to the top of a Capital Region landmark.  Two of the four people were charged with criminal trespassing, while two others decided to spray paint some graffiti.  So, they were charged with more including criminal trespass and criminal mischief, and even a petit larceny charge thrown in for one of them.  The landmark they decided to climb up and spray? The Egg. Seriously? Why graffiti The Egg.  Why even try to climb it?! It's an odd-shaped, smooth-walled building.  What would possess someone to even WANT to try to climb it.  But according to News 10 abc these guys went through the effort of entering a secured construction site, and climbing scaffolding to the roof.  The worst part- it's not even teenagers.  I could understand teenagers doing something dumb. But the culprits were literally grown adults aged 28-34. Why not just enjoy the performances inside instead.  Excuse me while I smack my forehead out of the ridiculousness.

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