So your kid brings home an A+ paper and you hang a suicide note on the fridge, so what? Some folks are bent out of shape about this, but I think this exercise is useful.

According to this story from BBC News the assignment was to write a letter where you pretend you are terminally ill and only have a few hours left to live. This is both a strange yet deep way of thinking. However when a 14 year-old brought the paper home his mother thought it was a suicide note.

Suicide amongst teens is really not a funny subject and a more common trend then I wish. However, having a suicide note written and prepared, even if you not thinking about doing it isn’t such a bad idea… I mean you never know.

Consider some day you’re lying on your bed and you find that the batteries in your TV remote go dead. Now your television is stuck on a mini marathon of reruns of MTVs Jersey shore and you don't know what to do. it becomes unbearable about the 13th time you see Snookie lying spread-eageld on the street with her tattered bologna-flaps hanging out crying her fat face off. Stressful yes, but at least your suicide letter is already written. That’s just one less thing to worry about.