Will today be Armageddon?  Were the Mayans off by one year?  Did Harold Camping miscalculate doomsday?  Will Bruce Willis need to come to the rescue? Today around 6:28 EST a space rock the size of an aircraft carrier traveling at 30,000 mph will travel between the Earth and the Moon.  The asteroid will actually be closer to Earth than the moon at approximately 201,000 miles.  The moon orbits at 238,000 miles.   This flyby is the closest an asteroid has flown by the Earth since 1976.

2005 YU55 won't hit the Earth, at least not in the very near future either.  Scientists have determined or calculated its path over the next one hundred years and there is a zero chance. Actually this is the closest it has come to earth in the past two hundred years.  It makes a trip around the Sun every 15 months.   The last time it was near us was in April 2010.

You should be able to spot the Asteroid tonight as it zips by, it will be dim though and will take approximately ten hours to cover the sky.



Click here to find the coordinates of 2005 YU55 as it will be tracked as it buzzes by.

Click here to see where the asteroid will travel in relation to the Earth and Moon.