I guess AT&T was getting sick at all the shots that T-Mobile was taking at them in their latest add campaign.  So what better way to silence someone than buy them.

AT&T is about to be the largest cell phone provider in the USA with their acquisition of T-Mobile for a reported $39 billion.   Verizon had been the countries largest cell phone provider, but this merger has skyrocketed AT&T into the the number one spot.   It also prevents Sprint from pairing with T-Mobile USA, a deal that was reportedly in the works.

I know that a lot of people go with T-Mobile because they have cheaper plans and phones than Verizon and AT&T, and unfortunately they could be seeing a price increase.  AT&T CEO Randell Stephenson said that they would look into keeping T-Mobiles "no contract" plans, but most experts say it won't happen.  AT&T also said one of their goals will be switching T-Mobile customers to smart phones which ultimately will cost them more money.  One thing that both AT&T and T-Mobile customers will benefit from are the cell phone towers that they will now be sharing.