A popular beer company has decided to make a hard coffee. Yes, it's coffee with an alcoholic kick. According to Simplemost.com, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer has come out with a coffee with five percent alcohol by volume. The five percent is more than a regular can of Pabst Blue Ribbon by .2%.

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee is described as a rich and creamy milk and vanilla coffee drink. Some even describe that it tastes like a chocolate Yoo-hoo. I guess it would be the adult version of that delicious chocolate drink from the 90s.

But don't get too excited, New Yorkers, it is not available in our state just yet. Right now you can only buy the Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee in New Jersey, Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Georgia. Depending on the success, it should be expanding into other markets.

Would you drink a hard coffee that has an alcohol level of 5%?

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