I can’t understand why they would want to change their name. The current name is classy, clever, and really makes an impact. ABC News is reporting that the small town Fucking and its Fucking citizens need to come to a Fucking Agreement to change their name.

However, if change is what they want then who am I too judge them. In fact Austria, it is your lucky Fucky day. I am here to suggest some new names that may  be just as effective but less offensive for your town.

Here are some suggestions of mine…

Humpper Hills, Balls Deep Canyons, Bumping Nasty’s Meadows, Porking Port, Sucking Springs, Penitrationville, Fornication Falls, Muff Diving Mills, Peackerburgh, Layland, Bologna-Flapsfiled.

Or you could always go with the classic “Intercourse” it seems to be working well in Pennsylvania.