I should actually say phrase that a little differently. According to the New York Post the capital region has one of the cheapest bed and breakfasts in the proximity of New York City.

Being so close if you would like a get away perhaps you wont have to go very far. Maybe you like to sleep in a strangers house and have breakfast cooked for you. If this is your thing then you're in good hands. Luckily its only in Troy.

I would like to rule out the rumors of troy being a complete slum town. There are many parts that are very beautiful. All the historic parts like Pawling Avenue and Pinewoods area as well. This is in that area. Gardner Farm Inn is right off of Route 2 / Brunswick Road. This is actually a really fantastic area. Check out what they offer here.

The other one worth noting is actually about a hour away. A little more of a get away. That is the Rivertown Lodge in Hudson.