We asked the Q103 community where they thought the Best Place in the Capital Region was to get an Apple Cider Donut (Doughnut sp?) and here is the list as suggested by the people...

One thing I've loved about living in several different spots in the north east is getting to try out some regional delicacies. When I was living in Central Pennsylvania they have something called a Fasnacht which is basically like a doughnut made with potatoes. Well, imagine my excitement when I learned that the Capital Region has a specialty doughnut of their own, the Apple Cider Donut. Which from what I gathered is a doughnut made with, apple cider.

Only, it's been almost 4 years that I have lived in the Capital Region and still have yet to actually try an Apple Cider Donut myself. So we asked the Q103 community where the best places were in the Capital Region to grab one were. Whether you are looking to try one for the first time as well or maybe just try a new spot you can find all the places that were suggested to us listed below (in no particular order).

Do you know a place that makes killer Apple Cider Donuts in the Capital Region that is not on this list? Let us know about it in the comments!


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