It wouldn't be thanksgiving without watching some people almost kill themselves by deep frying a turkey. I'm sure there is a right way to do this, but no one has seemed to master it yet. The best part is that thanks to YouTube we can watch idiot, after idiot almost destroy their homes all for some greasy goodness. I believe that the Native Americans showed us how to grow corn, get fish and other food, but I don't believe deep fry a turkey was anywhere attached to the first thanksgiving.

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    Late Night Deep Fry

    The biggest problem I am seeing is that people put way to much oil in their fryer which causes the problem. This is this guys case. I can't help bu cringe watching those flames and that propane tank. Yikes.

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    Flames + House = Bad

    One thing you can learn from these videos is that you shouldn't be doing it near your home, or trees. That could lead to some big time problems.

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    Frozen Turkey Experiment

    So this isn't exactly someone destroying something, but it's pretty cool none the less. These guys show you exactly what will happen if you throw a frozen turkey into a smoking hot deep fryer. Not a good idea.

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    The Living Room Set-Up

    Say you are willing to fry the turkey in your living room. Crazy? You bet it is! This should only be done outside, though if you ask me we should just not deep fry turkey's at all.

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    Best Turkey Disaster

    You want to know how to not deep fry a turkey? Just watch these guys. This thing goes up in flames like I have never seen before. Talk about a turkey bonfire! I hope you like yours crispy. Your skin that is.