Over the last week I’ve received several messaged on Facebook from “friends” of mine telling me that they found a video and they can’t believe that I’m in it. Now I'm sure there are lots of videos of me doing crazy stuff....just ask my friends and family....but I figured this wasn't ligit. So, before I clicked on the link I decided to do a little research and make sure that this wasn't some kind of hack.  If you get one of these messages DON’T CLICK ON THE LINK! I figured it was just another internet hacker scam, but I didn’t know the extent.

According to the Better Business Bureau website this is just the latest hack in a long line of internet hacks that we’ve seen this year. This one is apparently very effective.

“If you do click the link you’re taken to a website that appears to be Facebook or YouTube and asked to log in again. The scam is that once you provide your login information the hacker will have access to your account. And once the hacker can log in to your social media account, they can hijack it to send other scam or malware to your friends.”

In addition to getting your log in information the link can also download Trojan Horse software and malware that can allow hackers to steal even more information.

The BBB even has a website call SCAMTRACKER where you can track online scams in your area and report possible online scams that have targeted you. In the Capital Region alone they were tracking over 3000 active online scams. Have you been the victim of one of these? Let us know.

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