There is one type of dog that is ending up on breed ban lists and is considered a dangerous dog. As a matter of fact it is illegal to own this type of dog in New York State. According to Pets On Mom, it is illegal to own this kind of dog in 11 States and restricted in 15 other States.

You are NOT ALLOWED to own a Wolf Dog in New York State. This is why.

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What is a Wolf Dog? W.O.L.F. Sanctuary explains that a Wolf Dog is a canine with domestic dog and wolf in it's DNA. It is said that the Wolf Dog is mostly a human creation as wolves don't typically mate with domestic dogs in the wild.

The Spruce Pets report that the Wolf Dog could be very loyal to it's owner and while attempting to protect you could become aggressive to other humans, pets and small children. The Wolf Dogs has been known to bite, attack and maul.

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The Wildest indicates that there are approximately 300,000 Wolf Dogs in America, or are there? Some experts believe that the number is very difficult to tabulate accurately and some of the population is being passed off as a Wolf Dog but is not.

Why would a breeder, or anyone else, pass off a domestic dog as a Wolf Dog when it's not? Owning a Wolf Dog has become trendy and calling a German Shepherd a Wolf Dog could generate a higher selling price. If you live in New York, stay away from the Wolf Dog.

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