This week's Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia at the City Sports Grille Wednesday from 7p-9p has the making of an exorbitant event!!!! oh yeah, I also stole some questions for you.

Each and every Wednesday night, the Q103 Q-Tease play pop culture trivia at the City Sports Grille next to Spare Time Clifton Park (bowling center) located at 1668 Route 9.  Bring your team to take on the girls to win prizes.   Every week I steal some questions to help your team, so that your team wont look like a jerk as the two Q-Tease playing totally destroy you in trivia, but this week.. will be different - somewhat!

It's Kristen's (the waitress) 25th Birthday!  So tip well, of course we'll have to embarass her somehow. :)  It's also the debut of our newest Q103 Q-Tease, Nikki.  Introduce yourself and make her feel welcome. However one of her strong points is trivia, so beware.(thats what she said in her interview according to Steph)  She'll be playing with Stephanie this week.  Rob Dawes hosts.  

Rob has also informed me that the computerized scoring system is now all fixed, So the results will be quick and accurate. 

It's also the same night as the Sick Puppies.  Have no fear, the Puppies have agreed to go on AFTER trivia, so we will caravan over to Northern Lights for a HOT show.

Now for the stolen questions:

1) How many leaves are on a lucky clover?
Answer 4
Obviously we know that answer, but the bonus is what are the most leaves ever found on a clover?  Answer 14.  It's a clover on steroids!
So clever being its St Patrick's Day on Thursday!

2) What screen character is the worlds fastest ice sculptor and topiary artist?
Answer: Edward Scissorhands.
Rob might make this the final question as he knows you all suck with movies, so get it right!

3) How many flowers are in the design stamped on each side of an Oreo cookie?
Answer: 12
I'm not sure this answer is correct but it's whats on the green card so it has to be right!

4) Who was born Allen Stewart Konigsberg?
Answer:  Woody Allen.
Highly doubt the Q-Tease will get this unless they read this, but you got it now!

5) What is the most favorite flavor of edible underwear?
Answer: Cherry

Ask Stephanie what kind she wears! You might be surprised.

Also know your NCAA and St Patricks trivia too!

Have fun this week at Smarter Than A Q-Tease Trivia. If you havent played trivia with Q103, nobody does it like us. Its a fun 2 hours with lots of laughs and of course hot chicks!  It's 3 rounds with 10 questions each round with various points assigned to each question, get it right, get the points. After each round win a appetizer at the end of 3rd round win a $20 gift certificate to the City Sports Grille. Then you can wager your points for the final question to win concert tickets and more. Everyone that plays wins something.  Labatt specials or you can get the big keg to sit on your table.

Win Rock On The Range tickets coming in April.  It will be cumulative, where the teams will have to come week after week earning points to wager and win.

now kick ass!
~ Hunter