This is like watching a strange remake of "Water World," but playing the part of Kevin Costner is billionaire Bill Gates. Is this super machine the omniprocessor for real? This machine apparently can take sewage and extract clean drinking water from it. Not only can it produce drinking water but it also generates its own electricity to power the machine and deliver excess power, like a generator or small power plant.

The idea of this omniprocessor is great. It almost seems like a no brainer to pour a bunch of money into making these machines for struggling countries and communities all over the world. The only thing that leaves me skeptical is that sissy, half-hearted swig Bill Gates takes at the end of the video.

"It's water." - Bill Gates

He basically gives the old bartender move when they are trying to not get drunk on the job. Come on Bill, let me see you chug that glass of once poop-now water.




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