If there is one thing that we aren't short of in this area, it's Local Music!  Being that we are out all the time at local shows and bars and even big gigs, I have been able to catch a lot of bands so of course I have my favorites. If you have been out in the Albany area than you have been exposed to the great music scene that we have here.  Any kind of band you can think of, there is one!  Metal, blues, rock, hip hop, house DJ's, you name it, Albany has it.  Personally I am out all the time doing various things for the radio station, so I have gotten to know some of these bands pretty well.  It's really cool to have a local band that you can go check out since going to a big concert can get pretty expensive.   Sometimes a local act can be hit or miss, but the ones on my list are usually a hit, but hey everyone is a critic right?  So here are my favorite local bands, in no particular order.

1. The Ill Funk Ensemble


I usually catch these guys at Savannah's in Albany on a Friday night.  The Ill Funk Ensemble are great band that play live hip hop music.  Something you don't see all that often.  They'll play everything from the Jackson 5 to Snoop Dogg with a little Justin Timberlake tossed in there.  Hands down on of my favorite local acts in the Albany area, so if you see they are playing your favorite spot make sure to attend.  You won't be disappointed.  Oh, and if you want to check out some hilarious videos of Ill Funk bass player Big Dog, click here and be prepared to laugh.

2. Black Mountain Symphony


If you are into a jam band feel then you will love these guys.  A little something for everyone, Black Mountain Symphony is pretty unique and musically awesome.  I actually went to high school with a couple members of this group which made it even cooler that I just happened to stumble upon them a couple years ago.

3. The Blisterz


I first came across the Blisterz when we started doing the late night happy hour down at Savannah's.  They are a fun punk rock band that plays straight up rock n roll music.  If your a fan of Social Distortion than these guys are right up  your ally.  Plus they do a lot of charity work around the area and are all around good guys.  I try and check them out whenever possible.

4. Hair Of The Dog


Oh man, who doesn't love these guys?  A fun Irish rock band that really knows how to have a good time.  These guys are the party and everyone of all ages has a fantastic time at their shows.  Hair of the Dog is such a good band.  If you have seen them before you know that the harmonies are fantastic, very Celtic.   They were even just voted the Capital Regions favorite band in the Times Union.  Do yourself a favor and check them out next time they are around.

5. The Erotics


You like it dirty?  Then this glam/metal band from the Albany area is perfect for you.  A little Sex Pistols mixed in with Motley Crue and WASP, these guys are awesome.  It's really cool because you don't see to many bands like them around anymore.  They even have a pretty big following over seas, so I think they have broken out of the local scene so to speak.  If your looking to get offended and get rocked, check out the Erotics.

So those are my favorite bands that represent the Albany area.  I am sure you have your favorites too.  Now if you are a local band and want a chance to open up for Q-Ruption then make sure to enter your band here.  We'll be doing a battle of the bands to give one local band a shot to open up for Godsmack and Q-Ruption at SPAC on August 19.

To check out a ton of great local acts make sure you head over to the Local Music Outlet and crank up some local rock!



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