At first glance you might want to cringe at the thought of a chip that tastes like a pickle, I know I did but these things pack a great flavor punch and I have learned to love them.


When I was at my cousins a few weeks ago for a birthday party, someone asked me if I wanted to try dill pickle potato chips.  I was like, "no way, that sounds gross", but after I saw all the people trying them I decided to go for it.  At first I did not like them at all, but I decided to give them another try.  After that, I had suddenly developed a taste for the unique flavor.

I love pickles so I guess it wasn't a hard taste to develop.  People love chips and people love pickles in all kinds of ways.  On sandwich's, by themselves even fried.  So why not take that and put it into a chip?  After all there are already so many other flavors of chips that probably made people cringe years ago that we would eat up in an instant these days.  Sour Cream and Onion, BBQ, Cheddar, Garlic and Onion, Salt and Vinegar.  For a while they even had guacamole.

So I would say not to be afraid of these chips, but instead give them a try.  They are nothing like anything you have ever had, except for pickles of course.  Different brands flavors will vary, but they are all delicious.  It makes me wonder what else they can make into a chip flavor?  The possibilities seem endless.