When you go to the dentist I am willing to bet most of you aren't expecting him to pass gas while he's cleaning your teeth.  That's just the surface of this crazy dentists problems.


Perhaps Matthew Walton missed the ethics portion when he was in school to be a dentist because apparently he has none.  The British dentist has been suspended by the British General Dental Council for a plethora of complaints about his offensive behavior.  These include farting and burping in front of not only his staff but his patients too.   He has also been accused of swearing and making various offensive hand gestures behind patients backs.  What a piece of work.

Walton who is 35 had been working in a dental office in Whitchurch, Shropshire where the offenses took place.  The Council said that they called for his immediate suspension for the safety of the public.  That may be a little drastic, but the bottom line is you can't do those sort of things at work, especially not around clients.  While Walton admits to most of the charges but denies that he displayed "poor conduct".   Unless he takes action against the suspension, which is doubtful, he will no longer be permitted to practice dentistry in England or anywhere else in the United Kingdom.  The unfortunate news is that he could get a work visa and come to the States and pick right back up where he left off.

I can't even wrap my mind around someone acting this unprofessional.  Now we get to have a lot of fun working here at Q103, but never once have we ever done anything offensive in front of you the listeners or clients.  It's called being professional.  Obviously this guy was in need of a serious reality check.  Lets hope this did it for him. Though I think I may know what his issues were.  He was on a drug, a drug called The Charlie Sheen.  It's his own fault really.  Charlie told us that we wouldn't be able to handle it.

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