Canajoharie is known for a few things, one of which is the entire reason the $6 Million dollar grant is being awarded to the town.

Canajoharie, a small town nestled about halfway between Albany and Utica will receive a grant worth six million dollars to demolish a building that is far beyond repair according to the Daily Gazette. That building is the old Beech-Nut factory. A company that once called Canjoharie home left the town for Amsterdam some years ago.

The building as it sits is riddled with asbestos and is an eyesore, for lack of a better term. The town's mayor is elated to know this issue will be resolved.

“​This is the best news I’ve heard in ages,” Mayor Francis Avery said Monday. “This really is going to help a lot.” - Daily Gazette.

If all pans out as expected, the demolition process will begin in mid-summer according to the Schenectady based newspaper.

Read more about the Beech-Nut factory $6M grant below.