It’s not even 2020 yet and the Capital Region has already seen one major change happen for the new year.

To the surprise of many, a major cab company in the Troy area has closed it’s business.  After over 70 years in business, Black & White Taxi of Troy has shut down.  According to WNYT, a number of factors were mentioned as putting the company out of business- including the introduction of ride sharing services like Uber & Lyft, as well as other medical transport services.

Personally as someone who knows the impact of Black & White in Troy, it’s a shame to see them close down.  Just like WNYT notes, certain people in Troy have become used to relying on the can services.  Plus, believe it or not , not everyone has a smartphone to be able to arrange an Uber or Lyft.  And then there was the services Black & White provided to the hospital and medical offices in Troy.

The company is reported to be filing for bankruptcy next week.  You can read more here.