Looking for some adult entertainment for your Easter festivities? The Capital Region Grown Up Egg Hunt is where it's at!

easter eggs
Viktor Pryymachuk/ThinkStock

Remember the Easter egg hunts when you were a kid ... you would empty your plastic Easter Easter basket and head out to the yard to grab as many brightly colored eggs as you could find hoping to come upon as many of those plastic eggs as possible because your grandpa used to stuff them with change or if you were lucky a couple of dollar bills!

Well, the Capital Region Grown Up Egg Hunt is kind of like that except there are no children and they are all those awesome plastic eggs that are filled with all kinds of awesome goodness donated from local businesses ranging from gift certificates, weekend getaways, to even drink coupons!

It also goes down the weekend after Easter so you can do the whole family thing on the actual holiday if you need to. This year it happens on Sunday, April 23rd from 1pm to 3pm and has moved from Troy to Jennings Landing at the Corning Preserve in downtown Albany! According to the Troy Record in addition to the big hunt in the park there will also be two city hunts happening on Lark Street in Albany and throughout downtown Troy!

If you are thinking about attending tickets are required to participate however as in previous years portions of the proceeds will be donated to local and regional charities this year they will be supporting the Albany Center Gallery and In Our Own Voices. You can find out more info on all the fun and get your tickets by checking out their Facebook page HERE.

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