A home in Rotterdam is raising concerns from locals due to clutter surrounding the property.

According to The Daily Gazette, the property on Helderberg Ave. is close to the Guilderland town line and it's drawn complaints about the clutter, even prompting the town to mail the property owner a violation notice due to the exposed clutter. Town building safety officer Tom Squiers said that the violation notice was written last week with the garbage being a violation of health and safety codes. It's the first step on to court action if need be. Squiers has know about the property since he started with the town around a year ago and he was once ordered by a resident to leave the property. Clutter on the property includes trailers, outdoor equipment and garden hoses. Check out a current photo of the property here.

What are your thoughts about the possibility of the property owner having to go to court? Do you find the clutter on the property to be an issue?